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Consider RTA wood cabinets for your next do-it-yourself project

While brands like KraftMaid Cabinets and Thomasville Cabinets are known for their beautiful designs and high-quality products, many discount stores and websites offer ready-to-assemble cabinets (also known as RTA cabinets) at large discounts. RTA wood cabinets are made of solid wood doors in a variety of materials, which attach to real wood or plywood boxes.

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Why buy RTA wood cabinets?

If you have your heart set on name brand cabinets that require professional installation, RTA wood cabinets are not for you. However, if you like tackling small home improvement projects and don't place a huge value on name brands, consider RTA wood cabinets. These cabinets are ideal for do-it-yourself installations and for people looking to save money on their home improvement projects. Homeowners can expect savings of at least 50 percent over name brands, according to a comparison at Home Depot. And that does not even include what you can save on professional installation, which can add thousands of dollars on to a custom project.

While it's not out of the question to hire an installer to assemble and hang your RTA cabinets, it's also not necessary. According to the professionals, many do-it-yourselfers can assemble a cabinet unit in 5-10 minutes. All of the hardware needed for assembly is shipped with the cabinets, so do-it-yourself installation is possible for just about anyone with the proper tools and a bit of experience. Designed for easy installation, these cabinets are lightweight and easy to handle, making them ideal for DIY home improvement projects.


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