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Do-It-Yourself Cabinet Refacing Takes Time, But Saves Money

by Joe Taylor, Jr.

Kitchen cabinet refacing can save thousands of dollars when compared to installing new custom cabinetry. However, homeowners with a strong sense of craftsmanship can save even more money with a do-it-yourself (DIY) cabinet refacing project. Moving cabinet surfaces outside, stripping and varnishing them, then reinstalling them can take an entire weekend. This kind of DIY kitchen cabinet refacing project can be just the right thing to reinvigorate an older property on a budget.

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You can even pull off a DIY kitchen cabinet refacing project in a large city. As an example, the New York Times recently profiled an artist who conducted his own kitchen cabinet refacing project at a cost of just $1,800. By laminating inexpensive fiberboard, the artist and his family now enjoy trendy, orange kitchen cabinets. Should they tire of those kitchen cabinet colors in the next few years, another inexpensive kitchen cabinet refacing project can refresh the room.

DIY Doesn't Mean Going It Alone

If your renovation plans include some DIY cabinet refacing, it's still a good idea to get some professional help. An analysis from a kitchen cabinet refacing specialist can help identify problems with your cabinets that a DIY project might make worse. You can also hire a kitchen cabinet refacing expert by the hour. This consultant can help plan your project while you prepare to perform all the labor. Paint and wood experts from nearby DIY stores can help you select the right paint or varnish for your project.

Like any DIY project, kitchen cabinet refacing can be tedious and time consuming. Experts recommend getting help from someone with a little experience, even a friend with a little woodworking experience. With a little sweat, you can enjoy your new kitchen cabinet colors and finish while saving cash to spend on the rest of your home.


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