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Five Ways to Add New Hardward to Used Kitchen Cabinets

by Greg Keefer

You can easily improve the look of used kitchen cabinets by adding new knobs and hinges. Remove the beat up hardware. and start fresh for that spruced-up look.

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Knobs and hinges have standard locations on cabinets. When adding them to used kitchen cabinets, consider the type of cabinets and what is visually pleasing.

Here are five tips on properly placing new hardware on your used kitchen cabinets:

  1. Knob placement: Measure a quarter to a sixth of the total height of the doors from either the top or the bottom. This is where you'll put your knobs. Center the knob on the width of the door stile and ignore any molding during the centering process. The knobs appear to be balanced on the door and within easy reach of most users.
  2. Large cabinets: Large cabinets are a different story, and a different rule applies. You can place large cabinet door knobs anywhere they're functional and look good. This will differ on various cabinet styles. Avoid putting knobs right on the edge of a door or in other obviously poor locations. Strive to compliment the style and size of the door, and install the knobs where they look good.
  3. Hinge alignment: Position the top of the hinges even with the bottom of the top horizontal rails. The lowest part of the bottom hinges should align with the top of the bottom rail. This provides a sense of balance and continuity with the lines already present on the door.
  4. Repair Large Used Kitchen Cabinets: Use the existing holes on worn cabinets. Chances are, they're right on target and will save you a lot of hole-filling and staining.
  5. The final test: Look at the finished cabinet to see if it looks good. If your used kitchen cabinets appear balanced and appealing to the eye, you've done your job.

Tidy-up those used kitchen cabinets with new hardware. It's a kitchen face-lift worth having.


About the Author

Greg Keefer has been a do-it-yourselfer with lots of experience in how to do things right and how to do them wrong. He enjoys sharing his experience with the hope of helping others to

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