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How to build kitchen cabinets without going crazy

While some home improvement projects can be stressful and frustrating, with a few tips from the professionals, building your own kitchen cabinets can result in a positive experience all around.

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Heavily invest…your time, that is

You should not need to take out a second mortgage to update your cabinetry. How to build kitchen cabinets? The answer is simple: do your research. Before starting the project, spend plenty of time evaluating, measuring and planning. If necessary, consult someone with more experience to help determine the best process for your kitchen. Visit multiple retailers to compare pricing and styles. Most importantly, give yourself plenty of time to complete your cabinet installation. Rushing any type of home improvement project is never a good idea, so take your time and finish the job right. Your return on investment will be apparent.

Select a classic design

Nothing makes do-it-yourselfers crazier than wasting time and money. One way to avoid unwanted delays or surprises is to select a design you like that will also stand the test of time. Riskier looks may go out of style quickly, so keep your sanity by choosing a design that you will be happy with next season and beyond.

Don't go it alone

Aside from the camaraderie of tackling projects with a partner, the answer to "how to build kitchen cabinets" can be summed up in one word: safely. When it comes time to hang cabinets, it will be at least a two-person job. Be prepared by recruiting a willing and capable assistant and discuss the project with them ahead of time. Have your assistant hold the cabinet while you measure, drill and fasten. Not only will the project go more smoothly with a partner, but he or she can also make the work more fun.

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