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How to Keep White Kitchen Cabinets White

by Greg Keefer

White kitchen cabinets are a beautiful addition to many homes. But, cabinets are at the center of a lot of domestic activity and subject to grease splatters, fingerprints, and other forms of unsightly grime. So, many homeowners have trouble keeping their white kitchen cabinets white.

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Products for Cleaning White Kitchen Cabinets

The material from which your cabinets are made will dictate what cleaning products to use:

  • Heartily scrub painted wood cabinets with a soft rag and any over-the-counter cleaning product
  • Clean wood cabinets with a sealed white finish with products made of pure vegetable oil soap to keep their appearance clean and crisp. A soft rag is the only tool you'll need.

Home Remedy for Tough Jobs

Tackle especially tough stains, crayon marks, and stubborn grime with a home remedy made of a tablespoon of baking soda and enough water to make it into a paste. This mixture creates an abrasive that won't scratch the paint. Use a more diluted solution to clean all the cabinetry with excellent results. When you're finished cleaning the cabinets, rinse them well with clear water and a clean rag to ensure all the baking soda is removed.

Use caution when using baking soda on cabinets made of fiberboard and other man-made products. You can scrub these cabinets with a wet rag, but don't leave moisture on them for long to avoid peeling and warping.

Keeping the Cabinets Clean

White kitchen cabinets are a challenge to keep looking their best. Clean them often to avoid built-up grime and stains. The occasional once-over makes cleaning your white cabinets a breeze.



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