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Ready made cabinets make kitchen transformation a breeze

by Shannon Dauphin

The choice between ready to assemble and ready made cabinets often comes down to the price. Ready to assemble cabinets are often much less expensive than those already built. When you look into custom options, ready made cabinets become even more expensive than their ready to assemble cousins.

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But ready made cabinets have plenty of good reasons to be your choice for kitchen remodeling.

Why choose ready made cabinets?

No-hassle cabinets can be a homeowner's best friend in the midst of a kitchen remodel. For one thing, they're simple and fast. Rather than go through the long process of having custom cabinets made to your specifications, which could take anywhere from several weeks to several months, ready made cabinets can be chosen from the stock on hand at your local warehouse or home improvement store.

Contrary to popular belief, prefab cabinets are not made out of cheap material. They are often just as sturdy and attractive as any custom cabinets. High-end models from top-notch designers can be purchased in ready made styles as well, allowing you to choose options such as glass door fronts, decorative molding, customized shelves and door inserts, and more.

Installation of ready made cabinets is often quick, and can cut your remodeling time by a significant amount. That means faster installation of other elements, such as countertops and appliances--and the faster the remodel is done, the sooner you can enjoy the use of your kitchen again.

There is one caveat about ready made cabinets, and that is the shipping cost. If you choose to order online, the prices might be low, but the shipping can boost the total beyond what you would pay for custom cabinets. When shopping online, always look at the shipping cost and compare the bottom line with the choices in your local home improvement store.

About the Author

Shannon Dauphin is a freelance writer based near Nashville, Tennessee. Her house was built in 1901, so home repair and renovation have become her hobbies.

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