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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets Lowers Cost of Home Renovation

by Joe Taylor, Jr.

A growing number of homeowners are investigating kitchen cabinet upgrades to make their homes feel more modern and contemporary. Meanwhile, real estate investors have been pouring money into kitchen remodeling, hoping that high-tech appliances and the latest kitchen cabinet colors can move properties that have stayed on the market too long. 

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Both of these trends have pushed the price of a typical kitchen renovation above $50,000. Lower kitchen cabinet refacing costs can give you the same modern look as the kitchen in a new home, while leveraging the quality construction of your existing kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Home repair experts note that kitchen cabinets are often some of the most durable elements of a house. Unfortunately, the wrong kitchen cabinet colors can make a home feel outdated in a period where homeowners prefer natural wood tones. Salvaging your existing wood can make a big difference in your kitchen cabinet refacing costs. By stripping and staining wood, you might uncover a natural kitchen cabinet color. Alternately, you can replace the front of the cabinets without destroying the rest of the structure, while still saving thousands of dollars over a total kitchen upgrade.

Shopping Around Can Lower Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Costs

Experts advise seeking counsel from more than one contractor when trying to set a budget for your kitchen cabinet refacing costs. Experienced woodworkers may be able to work with more of your existing cabinetry, saving you money. Pre-fabricated cabinet makers may expect you to ditch your existing fixtures without inspecting them first. Understanding the shape of your current kitchen cabinets is the most important step in determining your kitchen cabinet refacing costs. Using less material not only can save you money, but may also result in a kitchen cabinet color scheme that combines vintage material with modern style.

About the Author

Joe Taylor Jr. writes about trends in popular culture, design, and real estate. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Communications from Ithaca College.

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