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Save money by using discount cabinets and appliances in your kitchen

Kitchen remodeling gets expensive in a hurry if you replace your cabinets and appliances. Even though you may get a lot of those big bucks back when you sell your home, it's still money out of your pocket now.

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But you can come closer to staying within budget with smart shopping for discount cabinets and appliances. And you can still have a smart-looking kitchen, to boot.

Where to find discount cabinets and appliances

Often, dealers discount appliances because new models are due to arrive and they need floor and storage space. Manufacturers also may have model-end sales. It may be possible to save 20 to 30 percent on new appliances during these changeovers.

Other possibilities for discount appliances:

  • Online merchants: No showroom costs can mean extra savings to you on brands such as General Electric and Samsung. These savings can be in addition to model-end savings.
  • Discount retailers: Just about every city has them and you've heard their commercials; they purchase in volume and pass the discounts on to you.
  • Scratch and dent: Most appliance manufactures have regional warehouses full of brand new appliances with minor defects available at a fraction of their original cost.


Discount cabinets work a little differently than appliances because manufacturers go more by styling trends than model years, but the principle is the same. You can often find discount cabinets from well-known manufacturers such as KraftMaid Cabinetry through online retailers. In many cases, the costs are much less than purchasing through a distributor's showroom, as the online merchant doesn't have as much overhead.

Regardless of where you purchase your discount cabinets and appliances, make sure you receive valid warranties; all the money you saved won't do you much good if you have problems that aren't covered.



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