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10 Decisions to Make Before Buying Kitchen Cabinets Wholesale

by Judi Sandall

Why pay retail when you can buy your new kitchen cabinets wholesale? When you're shopping for new kitchen cabinets, you need to make a lot of decisions before you jump on the Internet and look for kitchen cabinet wholesalers.

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Buying Kitchen Cabinets Wholesale: Ten Decisions You Should Make

Decide what you don't like about your current cabinets, set a realistic budget that includes installation (if you're not planning a do-it-yourself project), and make thoughtful choices from the following variables that can affect the final price of your kitchen cabinets:

  1. Replace or reface?
  2. Stock ($$), semi-custom ($$$), or custom ($$$$)
  3. Ready to Assemble (RTA) or pre-assembled
  4. Construction: Framed or frameless; structural braces of metal, plastic, or wood; joined with nails, staples, hot glue, or the dadoes and dovetails of finer cabinetry
  5. Materials: Wood, wood based (medium density fiberboard, plywood), melamine, laminate, metal, as well as green materials like bamboo, wheatboard, sorghum stalks, and sunflower seeds
  6. Quality: Economy, midrange, or premium
  7. Cabinet style: Arts & Crafts, country, modern, contemporary
  8. Door style: Flat panel, raised panel, slab, or with glass inserts
  9. Hardware: slides with ball bearings or nylon wheels & rollers, mounted on the side or the bottom
  10. Moldings & trim: Moldings can give your cabinets a "finished" look or using matching appliance panels can blend them with your cabinets

Once you've researched your many, many options, and made your kitchen cabinet choices, you're ready to get quotes from kitchen cabinets wholesalers--either online or in a local wholesale store around the corner. By having a list of what you "must have" and what would be "nice to have depending on cost," you can do some realistic price comparisons. If you're having your kitchen cabinets installed by a contractor, make sure you know what's included--for example, is the contractor going to remove and get rid of your old cabinets, how long is the project going to take, and does installation include handles and drawer pulls.

If you've made all of your kitchen cabinet choices and decisions before you begin looking at pricing, you should be satisfied that you got the best deal on the kitchen cabinets you want.


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