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Tips for purchasing ready to assemble cabinetry

Visiting a kitchen design center can often result in a dose of reality for homeowners remodeling their kitchen on a tight budget. Purchasing cabinets for an entire kitchen can be costly and after hearing prices you may be thinking about putting your project on hold. What if there was a way you could get a discount of about 30 to 40 percent on cabinets similar to those you were considering? If you're handy with tools and don't mind getting your hands dirty, you may be able to get that discount by purchasing ready to assemble cabinetry.

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What is ready to assemble cabinetry?

Ready to assemble (RTA) cabinetry are pretty much just as their name implies; they are cabinets that homeowners have to assemble themselves. Most RTA cabinets are sold through online retailers and they are usually available in the same woods and styles as their already assembled counterparts seen in design centers. RTA retailers offer choices of finishes but if you want to save even more money, you can even purchase the cabinets unfinished and do the work yourself.

When you're looking at RTA cabinet companies there are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Planning. Designing a kitchen cabinet layout can be complicated and most homeowners could use a little help. It can be a good idea to choose a retailer with a customer service team available for consultation concerning cabinet location and choices.
  2. Quality. Just as with already assembled cabinets, there can be different quality levels with RTA retailers. All wood construction, soft closing drawers and doors and dovetail joints are usually good indicators of high quality cabinets.
  3. References. Don't just rely on reviews and testimonials posted on the company's Website; ask for names of past customers who can be contacted for references concerning ease of assembly and the quality of the retailer's cabinets.

You may not have to put off that kitchen remodeling project. Look for your toolbox and place your order for ready to assemble cabinetry.



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