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Top 3 places to look before you buy cabinets

The choice of where customers buy cabinets often comes down to a matter of money. Depending on your budget, there are benefits and drawbacks to buying from each location.

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Be smart when you buy cabinets

  1. Home improvement stores. Retail giants such as Lowe's and the Home Depot offer many styles of both pre-assembled cabinets and ready-to-assemble cabinets. Stores are typically staffed with a cabinet specialist, who can walk you through the many design choices, styles and budgets. Expect low- to high-grade, mass-produced, cabinetry.

  2. Cabinetry shops. These guys are the pros; oftentimes, cabinetry is all they do. Expect high-quality craftsmanship, and expert knowledge, throughout the design and installation processes. When you buy cabinets from a local woodworking shop, you also support local tradesmen, and the tax dollars stay in your community. Keep in mind that a cabinet shop's expertise typically comes with premium pricing.

  3. Online from cabinet manufacturers. When shopping online, customers typically purchase cabinets that are semi-custom; this means mass-produced manufacturing with more design detailing, and perhaps higher-quality wood, than is typically found in lower-end cabinetry.

Wherever you choose to buy cabinets, good deals can be found on the Internet through manufacturer overbuilds and overstock. Start comparison shopping early at the home improvement stores of your choice, as the best deals here are on usually found through sales.

The best thing you can do is to shop around for deals on pricing and installation, before you buy cabinets.

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