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Ask Three Questions to Discover Your Ideal Kitchen Cabinet Layout

by Joe Taylor, Jr.

Many homeowners launch cabinet refacing projects without understanding how the wrong kitchen cabinet layout can lead to frustration and extra expense. Before you start tearing apart the most important space in your home, ask yourself three questions:

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  • How do you like to work in your kitchen?
  • Who else spends time in your kitchen?
  • Where do you like to eat dinner?

Kitchen Cabinet Layouts Affect Your Cooking Style

If you like to spread out while cooking, you might consider a long counter with a kitchen cabinet layout that features high and low shelves. While Tuscan kitchens look traditional, they often conceal space-saving corner shelves and dish racks that maximize your kitchen storage.

Tuscan Kitchens Attract Crowds

Heavy entertainers often prefer the Tuscan kitchen style. A warm atmosphere and open space create an inviting room for guests and family alike. Kitchen cabinet layouts that emphasize shallow shelves and furniture-style storage spaces create more elbow room for people who gravitate to the heart of your home.

Dinners in a Dining Room Reduce Cabinet Refacing Costs

While some on-the-go Americans cook and eat in their kitchens, fans of Tuscan kitchens, slow food, and family time are moving back to a dining room for meals. Reducing your kitchen cabinet layouts to include smaller countertops or a modest work island can cut your cabinet refacing costs. Less money spent on the kitchen means a bigger renovation budget for other rooms in your home.

Understanding how you want your Tuscan kitchen to work is just as important as knowing how you want it to look. Experts suggest spending time in the kitchens of friends and family members to mine for great ideas. That way, you can keep your cabinet refacing costs under control while discovering the ideal kitchen cabinet layout for your lifestyle.


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