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How to Line Up Drawer Faces on Your Pantry Cabinet

by Greg Keefer

Many pantry cabinets have a bottom drawer or series of drawers. Houses settle, and you may need to realign your drawer fronts to level them off and make them fit properly on your cabinet frame. A simple fix can help you replace your cabinets for less money and make those cabinets last longer.

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Lining up drawer faces on old pantry drawers is an easy process. It works equally well if you've built or replaced drawers and need to align the drawer faces on the new drawer boxes. The process is easier if the drawer boxes are on the tracks, and the box is pushed into the frame.

Here's how to realign your cabinet drawers by adjusting drawer faces.

  • Use the screw holes: Use screw holes for two-screw drawer handles to mount the drawer face to the front of the drawer box. This allows you to attach the face to the front of the drawer with the drawer in the closed position.
  • Tape or clamp the drawer face: Two-sided tape or clamps hold the drawer face securely to the front of the box. You can easily see if its level or needs adjustment.
  • Screw through the handle holes, the face, and the front of the box: Leave the screws loose until you can tweak the fit.
  • Assemble the handle hardware: If the frame isn't perfectly squared, but the drawer works, level the face to fix the flaw.
  • Tighten the screws: Hand-tighten the screws.

Some pantry cabinet drawer faces are attached from the inside of the drawer box with short screws-- it makes a single pull handle hole into which a screw is started inside the box. Screw the handle on from the outside.

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