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3 top reasons to get stock cabinets for your kitchen remodel

Stock cabinets are just that: the generic factory stock. But don't dismiss them as boring just because they don't come with custom frills. They offer several huge advantages over the ones with fancy details you may not need.

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3 top reasons to order stock cabinets

  1. Budget-friendly--Stock cabinets can cost less than 75 percent of what custom cabinetry does! Stock comes in standard sizes to fit most kitchens, so there's an excellent chance you can find exactly what you need while staying under budget. With the money you save on a major expense like cabinets, you can afford to spend elsewhere on the little decorator touches that make your kitchen unique.
  2. Popular styles--Most manufacturers make their stock cabinets in the more popular woods and styles. That means you are very likely to find a style of cabinet with which you'll be more than satisfied.
  3. Superior availability--You won't have to wait for your cabinets like you do with custom. "Stock" means they are kept in stock and ready for immediate shipment, as opposed to being made at the time of order.

Granted, stock may not be for everyone. If any of these scenarios describes your kitchen remodeling requirements, you may need to go with a different option:

  1. You need special cabinet sizes to fit your layout
  2. You have your heart set on custom details
  3. You want a unique style or special material

If, on the other hand, like most homeowners today you have a bit of a tight budget, stock cabinets could be make the difference between doing that kitchen remodel you've wanted for years or living with the old kitchen a while longer.

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