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5 unique ideas for remodeling kitchen cabinets

When you're remodeling kitchen cabinets, you may want to think outside the old-wood box. Materials like pine, oak and maple are commonly thought of when remodeling, but there are actually a range of new and emerging technologies designed to save you money, make a statement, and offer an alternative to a popular look. Check out these unique ideas for new kitchen cabinets below.

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New materials for remodeling kitchen cabinets

  1. Bamboo--This eco-friendly alternative to traditional woods is sustainable and actually benefits from cutting. The wood itself has a unique honeyed look that works great in a modern kitchen.
  2. Aluminum--Looking for a minimalist look? Aluminum offers the smooth look of stainless steel without the price. Lining glass cabinets with aluminum panels is a popular choice.
  3. Thermofoil--There's no foil in Thermofoil; rather, it's a flexible vinyl that's applied to wood, creating a strong exterior. This is likely your most cost-effective option.
  4. Melamine--Made from wood particles and resins, melamine is another low-cost option for kitchen cabinets. The material is durable, heat-resistant, and comes in a range of colors and styles.
  5. Lyptus--Two species of Eucalyptus tree make up the hybrid tree called Lyptus. It's produced in Brazil with no risk of deforestation, making this another sustainable choice. Another benefit is the wood's strength, comparable to maple.


Learn more about these unique ideas before you start the process of remodeling kitchen cabinets in your home. You could find yourself with a new material that offers the strengths you're looking for within your budget.

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