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Three Cabinet Layouts to Save Money While Looking Trendy

by Joe Taylor, Jr.

If the cost of cabinet refacing still seems high for your family's budget, you may want to consider making some changes to your kitchen's cabinet layout instead. Removing some doors and matching the look of existing surfaces can bring your kitchen in line with some of the latest design trends. You can even customize your kitchen cabinet layout to reflect your family's taste and personality while still reducing the overall cost of cabinet refacing.

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Open Kitchen Cabinet Layouts Cut Costs

While critics moan about the country's fast food culture, many American families are actually spending more time together, cooking in the kitchen. Open cabinet layouts, like those in professional restaurants, cultivate the habit of group cooking by keeping supplies and tools on high shelves available for ready access. Removing doors reduces the cost of cabinet refacing while decreasing the likelihood of kitchen collisions.

Include Appliances in Your Cabinet Layout

Appliance camouflage is another trend spotted by experts in many newer kitchens. While this technique of blending cabinets with appliances can raise the cost of cabinet refacing, it can result in a more balanced, ordered kitchen. Some homeowners prefer to attach cabinet surfaces to appliances, including refrigerators, and dishwashers. Kitchen dwellers with a love for modern style have started covering cheap kitchen cabinets with stainless steel or laminate surfaces that match high-end electronics. Either method results in a polished, organized kitchen look.

Good Lighting Makes Cheap Kitchen Cabinets Look Expensive

Cheap kitchen cabinets combined with inexpensive modern lighting can also provide a polished look to a renovated cooking space. Experts suggest mounting bright LED lights underneath upper cabinets to provide bright, warm lighting that showcases countertops. Even cheap kitchen cabinets look good under the right lighting.


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