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Consider these 3 design elements before replacing kitchen cabinets

When replacing kitchen cabinets, consider your objectives. Are you doing it to improve functionality? Are your cabinets falling apart? Or do you just want a change because you've fallen in love with a particular style of cabinetry?

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Replacing kitchen cabinets

Besides objectives, here are some other considerations to keep in mind when doing your research:

  1. Materials: You can choose from several different types of wood from oak to cherry. New materials have become available in the last few years, too, notably bamboo, known for its durability and environmental sustainability. You can also get cabinets made from acrylic, aluminum, or even thermofoil, a type of laminate. The material you choose can change the look and feel of your kitchen.
  2. Functionality: Think about the cabinet features you want. Some cabinets have easy-gliding drawers, clear glass doors for display, handles or no handles. When replacing kitchen cabinets, thoroughly think through how you use your kitchen. Just because you might like glass cabinet doors, for instance, if you don't have anything you want on display all the time or your kids climb up and put sticky hands on them, that might not be your best choice.
  3. Style: If you're remodeling the whole kitchen, you don't have to worry whether the style of the new cabinets works with the existing decor. But if you are just replacing the cabinets, consider the other features of your kitchen. If, for example, you've got your heart set on contemporary cabinets in a sleek laminate and your kitchen screams country, you may have to modify some other design elements of your kitchen to make it work, or opt for a more traditional style of cabinetry.

Replacing kitchen cabinets instead of remodeling the entire kitchen can save you money, but only if you stop first to consider how all the elements will work together when you're finished.


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