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Discount Cabinets vs. Used Cabinets: Pros and Cons

by Aretha Grant

Remodeling a kitchen on a tight budget can be stressful. But if you think about it, cabinets really can be the least of your concerns. Sure, they are the face of your kitchen, but there are some great cabinets out there that will do the the trick for less.

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Used Cabinets vs. Discount Cabinets

  • Warranty: One thing that every consumer should consider when buying discount cabinets--or anything for that matter--is the warranty. Companies like Merillat Cabinets are a good bet because not only do they offer a wide range of products, from high-end cabinetry to discount cabinets, but they also offer a five-year warranty on all their products.
  • Options: There are definitely places you can go for used cabinetry--if there is a Habitat for Humanity Re-Store in your town, check there before looking for discount cabinetry. You can find some real gems--top-quality stuff at bargain basement prices. But, if they don't have what you're looking for, then checking out some discount cabinets is a good next option. Aristokraft Cabinets is a good place to begin your research, as their website has ideas for how to do affordable kitchen remodels.
  • Ready-to-install: What's more important to you: saving money, or saving time? If you answered saving time, then pursuing your discount cabinetry options online is the answer. But, if saving money is your top priority, then the hunt for used cabinetry could be really fun. Finding the perfect old cupboard at an antique shop for $10 is a thrill in itself--and then you have the added enjoyment of personalizing your piece, sanding it and refinishing it exactly the way you want it.

There is no for-sure answer when it comes to which is better. But the thing to keep in mind is this: What are you looking for? What are your priorities? Just make sure you investigate all the options before you decide which way to go.



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