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Get the right kitchen cabinets: planner software let's you preview your design

If you've ever remodeled a kitchen or designed one from scratch, then you know how difficult it can be. But welcome to the age of technology and a modern tool that can help you plot your kitchen cabinets: planner software programs. This technology creates a simulation of your kitchen layout so that you can preview all of your kitchen remodeling plans right on your computer screen.

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Try out different styles and configurations for your new kitchen. The tool will make it simple to arrange your kitchen cabinets. Planner layouts you've designed can be printed out and brought with you when you go shopping.

Arranging kitchen cabinets: planner software makes it easy

There are advantages to using planner programs to layout your kitchen.

  1. Usability. These are products designed for consumers. Now you have access to software once used by only contractors and interior designers.
  2. Realistic imagery. Some of these programs are pre-loaded with all kinds of different cabinet textures, colors and styles. The software allows you to see the kitchen with cabinet doors open, working appliances and even refrigerators with food in them.
  3. Customization. You can place the large appliances where you want, change the cabinet colors, materials and styles. There are different layouts available, too.

If you're not up for investing in your own software some retailers and manufacturers provide access to simple programs on their websites. IKEA, for example, offers the IKEA Home Planner free of charge. Merillat Cabinets provides a design tool that will generate a simple floorplan sketch on which your designer can expand.

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