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Three Hot Kitchen Hardware Looks

by Dawn West

When you're remodeling your kitchen, the big changes get all the glory. That lovely new flooring. The cabinet refacing that transforms your kitchen in a single afternoon. But the details matter too. From making sure your drawers pull out smoothly to choosing the right kitchen hardware, mess up the details and the big picture is a lot less appealing. Whether you're putting the finishing touches on a total redesign or looking to make a small change that punches above its weight in aesthetic impact, these trends in kitchen hardware are worth considering.

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Clean and Simple

If you're looking for maximal appeal and maximal resale value, simple hardware is the trend to adopt. Picture modern lines and modern materials, such as simple brushed nickel. Forget that red plastic mushroom nob. Unfussy is the order of the day. Recycled hardware in simple styles is easy to find as well and ups your environmental friendliness. A final note, choosing clean and simple doesn't equal choosing boring. Look for details, sleek angles or attractive curves, that add personality without going over the top.


Perhaps your kitchen cabinets are traditional and you're looking to inject a little pizzazz. Maybe your cabinets are already full of pizzazz and you figure why hold back now. Either way, lush, designer hardware can act as a gorgeous accessory in your kitchen. Picture ornate carved metal or shiny antique cut class. Picture details that dazzle every bit as much as the fancy countertops or slate floor. Organic themes -- leaves, twigs, and vines -- are especially hot right now, as are colored glass knobs. Choose luxurious hardware, and every kitchen cabinet can have its own little jewel.

Bigger is Better

The hottest trend in kitchen cabinet hardware at present is based on pure functionality. Instead of little knobs, long, wide handles are all the rage. Handles are easy to, well, handle. They're easy-to-grip for everyone in the household, from junior to great grandma. Sleek metal handles are enjoying the most favor, so this trend dovetails in with the clean and simple trend, giving it double power. Larger handles may be a little more challenging to install if your cupboards weren't originally designed for them, but if you're considering cabinet refacing, it's a good opportunity to update your cabinet doors and your hardware all at once.

Kitchen hardware may seem like a tiny detail, but you'll be opening your cupboards day after day, pulling on those same knobs and handles. Isn't it worth choosing hardware you'll love?

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