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How much should you spend to remodel kitchen cabinets?

If you're contemplating a complete kitchen remodel, kitchen cabinets are one of the major components--and expenses.

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Evaluating your planned remodel: kitchen cabinets at any cost?

  1. The industry's taken a hit: A lot less people have wanted to remodel kitchen cabinets in the past three years, and it shows. Sales of kitchen cabinets have steadily dropped nationwide, according to the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers' Association. Until the trend reverses itself, homeowners who want to remodel should consider investing in simple designs with less ornamentation, to keep costs down, and classic styles that can endure for many years to come.
  2. Resale value: Your kitchen looks like it cost a king's ransom and you spent your retirement savings on the remodel: kitchen cabinets made of cherry wood, granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances. Does that mean you'll get your money back out of it when you sell your home? According to leading remodeling magazine, Hanley Wood, in 2010 you would only have recouped 68.7 percent of what you put into a major kitchen remodel. It's something to think about.
  3. Overall costs of a kitchen remodel: Hanley Wood uses two different comparisons when considering remodeling kitchens. According to their 2010-2011 annual survey, the national average major kitchen remodel cost $58,367 and the average minor kitchen remodel cost $21,695. Is your budget in the ballpark?

While the cabinets you choose can make a big difference in the functionality and ambience of your finished kitchen, think in terms of long term value when deciding how much to spend on your complete remodel. Kitchen cabinets can still look great, and the new configuration might make your kitchen more efficient, but don't ignore taking the factors referenced above into consideration.


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