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Three Kitchen Floors You Can Stand on All Day

by Dawn West

If you're considering remodeling your kitchen, undoubtedly you're spending a lot of time thinking about design, what looks good, what's stylish. Maybe you're even thinking about efficiency, getting the storage you need, making sure the appliances are well-positioned. But before you make one more decision, stop and think about what's comfortable. Not just what looks good and works well. What feels good.

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Something as simple as your choice in flooring can make a world of difference. You may spend hours a day on your feet in the kitchen, and you need a floor that not only looks great but that also makes all that time standing a pleasure, not a pain. The following three flooring options are the most comfortable out there. They give and give, so your legs never give out.


Made from the bark of cork oak trees, cork flooring has a lot of give, which means it feels wonderfully soft underfoot. With appropriate sealing, it's moisture resistant, so it cleans up easily with a standard kitchen mop. It's not just soft, it's also warm. Consider cork your invitation to pad around barefoot. In addition, is incredibly quiet underfoot, so you'll hear kitchen conversation, not the clip-clop of feet. A final bonus, because of the way cork trees are harvested, cork flooring is also eco-friendly.

Natural Wood

Easy on the legs, easy on the eyes, natural wood floors are a perennial favorite around the house. And even though some designers prefer floors that are more water-proof for kitchens, wood floors typically stand up quite well, despite occasionally damp conditions. The look of wood varies with the variety of wood you choose, but so does the feel. Pine, fir, and other evergreens, often called "softwoods" are coziest of all. They also wear faster, so there are tradeoffs. Whether you opt for hardwood or softwood, you'll be rewarded with underfoot flexibility.


Vinyl is not just budget-friendly, it's body-friendly. You can approximate the look of ceramic tile without the cold, give-free feeling of tile. Because it compresses slightly where tile does not, you'll feel the difference in your legs almost immediately. What's more, vinyl allows you to avoid the grout issues sometimes presented by tile, so your body will thank you again when you spare it from time spent scrubbing on hands and knees.

Undoubtedly, the goal of your kitchen remodeling project is a warm, inviting space. Don't overlook one of the most critical factors in creating that warmth and welcome: your kitchen floor.

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