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Latest Trends in Modern Kitchen Islands

by Kelly Richardson

The kitchen is traditionally viewed as the 'heart of the home,' and modern kitchen islands are the heart of the kitchen. More than a simple block of wood, today's kitchen islands offer a versatile work space, ample storage, and a few extras that you previously might not have considered.

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Modern Kitchen Islands: The Intersection of Form and Function

Modern kitchen islands need to do more than just look good. They should offer utilities that make cooking an exciting activity. In other words, enhanced functionality worked into an attractive style. This Old House shows you how a good kitchen island can improve your kitchen and the time you spend there.

  • Clean-up. Some kitchen islands hide trash compartments and disposals, keeping unsightly messes out of sight.
  • Cooking. Drop a skillet or range into the mix, surrounded by heat-resistant stone, tile, or metal countertops for transferring hot dishes.
  • Food Preparation. Small appliances fit neatly together on a cutting surface that resists scratches and blemishes.
  • Informal Dining. For those on the run, pull up a bar stool and have a quick meal without the hassles of setting a table.

Designing and Dressing Up Modern Kitchen Islands

Check out your local home improvement center for a variety of design styles and component options in kitchen islands. Most do-it-yourself (DIY) professionals and groups categorize building modern kitchen islands as having an intermediate difficulty level; the time to finish estimate is one weekend.

After completing the basic construction, crown moulding is an ingredient that can give an island major flair. It is a low-cost addition that can make a big difference. Use construction adhesive and small brads to attach the moulding and paint or stain to match surroundings. For added mobility, install four casters on the bottom of the island.

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