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Three Simple Steps to Making Cheap Cabinets Look Great

by Aretha Grant

Remodeling a kitchen on a tight budget means making some tough decisions, the most important of which is, What are the big purchases going to be? Well, why not cross cabinets off that list? Saving money with cheap cabinets doesn't always mean scrimping on style.

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Three Things to Consider When Dressing up Your Cheap Cabinets

  1. Style. Even the most affordable cabinets come in a variety of door styles, including arched, beadboard, flat panel, raised, recessed, and shaker. Keep in mind that flat panels are most often used in the more modern kitchen while shaker, arched, and raised add a more old-timey flair.
  2. Material. These days, a modern kitchen begs for stainless steel everything, but let's be real: Those aren't cheap cabinets! One way to get around a huge expenditure is to look for materials used wisely: The basic structure of your cabinetry could be made of simple plywood, but if the doors are made from a great hardwood such as walnut or from a modern material like glass or metal, no one will be the wiser.
  3. Color. Now that you've chosen the style and material to make your cheap cabinets look great, you're ready for the finishing touches. Here's where it really gets fun, and where you can DIY if you want to--choose unfinished cabinetry and finish them at home. A flat panel door stained a dark gray would look great with the stainless steel counters of a modern kitchen, while a white-washed raised door would look perfect in a classic country kitchen.

There are so many manufacturers who offer the option of cheap cabinets nowadays, it can get overwhelming. Some of the major brands include Thomasville, Adelphi, Armstrong, and Aristokraft. Don't be afraid to march into your nearest home improvement store and ask about your choices. It's important to compare brands, styles, materials, and colors to make sure you find the right combination for you kitchen.


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